What is an extended product warranty?

An extended product warranty is an additional protection plan that provides a warranty beyond the manufacturer's and/or statutory warranty period.


With the extended product warranty, you will have an additional 2 years of protection after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty. If, during this period, product defects become apparent or malfunctions occur due to the fault of the manufacturer, the product will be replaced with an analog one or the money will be returned..


Say goodbye to unnecessary worries and expenses!


  • The extended product warranty is valid only for products whose packaging is marked with an Extra Warranty sticker
  • The extended product warranty applies only when the product is used as intended
  • The extended product warranty is valid upon presentation of proof of purchase (receipt or similar)

High-quality products covered by an additional 2-year warranty:


CAT multi-tool 13 IN 1


CAT LED neck light, 200 lm


CAT folding knife, 20.3 cm


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